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About Collecting Classic Monsters

We are the digital clubhouse for fans and collectors of cool and classic monster   collectibles.

about-collecting-classic-monsters--moviesWelcome to my clubhouse!

My name is George and I am a Monster Kid.  This site is dedicated to  people like me – those of us who never outgrew their childlike love of monsters, movies and imagination.

At my age, no one would mistake me for an actual ‘kid’ anymore. But I am, without a doubt a kid at heart.  In fact, I have my own kids now and one of my greatest joys is sharing my lifelong passion for all things fantastic — books, cartoons and movies that take us to strange, unknown and sometimes scary places that excite our imaginations.

I started this digital clubhouse for all of us who never outgrew our about-collecting-classic-monster-movieschildhood love for the monsters of the movies, the classic Universal Monsters, the genius of Ray Harryhausen, the imagination of Stan Lee, the campy fun of 1950s B-movies, the brilliance of George Lucas and all the other ‘patron saints’ of fantasy genre movies. My childhood was fueled with a steady diet of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, Scooby Doo cartoons and myriad dinosaur and monster model kits, toys, halloween costumes, movies and books.

The 1970s was a great time to be a kid.  Kid culture was exploding and we were still in movie monster craze that started in the late 1950s and exploded in the 1960s.  I loved everything related to monsters, super heroes, science fiction and adventure and devoured it all.  Somehow, that connection never went away.

 I know I’m not alone in this experience.  As one of the multitudes of kids raised on a regular diet of Marvel Comics, Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, Saturday morning cartoons and Saturday afternoon creature features, I developed a lifelong love of monsters and all things fantastic.  Now, I share that passion with my kids and, through this digital clubhouse, I look forward to sharing it with my fellow Monster Kids.

Halloween 1978. I’m the 12 year old Quasimodo in the middle

I invite you to relive my Monster Kid childhood with my journal entires here on the website:  Monster Kid Memories

A site for collectors by a collector

I’ve been collecting monster toys, magazines, comics and memories for almost as long as I can remember.  Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about collecting classic monsters– through trial and error; buying and selling.

Now, I relive my fun-filled days of childhood nostalgia by collecting monster magazines, comics, toys, movie posters and props.

This clubhouse will feature collections and collectibles as well as share information about current and upcoming auctions, sales and releases of classic monster collectibles.

No Snobs Allowed…or Trolls for that Matter!

The classic monsters of the movies continue to be a pop cultural force and new collectibles are released every year.  This is a safe place for collectors of every type — fans of the vintage as well as the modern — of rare and valuable, as well as cheap and mass marketed.  Membership in this club is open to all and enthusiastic debates are welcome — as long as we are civil and agree to disagree.  One person’s junk is another’s collectible. I invite spirited, but respectful, debates.

Why Start a Blog?

In recent years, I’ve begun collecting many of the things I had as a child and created this site as a one-stop-shop for fans and collectors like me. I hope you enjoy my homage to childhood, to imagination and to things that go bump in the night!

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This club is free to join but we have bills to pay.  Our club has sponsors who advertise on our site — no purchase required by members, and we’ll maintain a healthy ratio of content to ads.

The Legalese

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