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Jaws Collectible Model Kits & Games

In today’s installment on my continuing series on Jaws Collectibles, let’s take a look at games and model kits from 1970s:

The Game of Jaws by Ideal (1975)


Jaws the Game 1975 Ideal

Nothing says family game night like a too-scary-for kids movie about a giant man-eating shark terrorizing families on summer vacation!

Like most great games, this one is quite simple to play.  Rubber-bands in the jaws kept the mouth open as players take turns removing items from the shark’s mouth – until the jaws snap shut. A simple game making for great family fun from a movie that was definitely not for ages 6 and up!Jaws the Game Ideal Toys

This game is easy to find and usually inexpensive.  Several current auctions on eBay range from $20 and up.  I’m tempted to get one to play with my kids!

 Addar JAWS Super Scenes Model Kit #231 (1975)

Addar Super Scenes Jaws in a Bottle Model Kit I was really into model kits as a kid.  I was a 70s kid and worked my way through all the classic Aurora monster kits that were reissued in the those years, along with Planet of the Apes and Prehistoric Scenes.  I didn’t know these were re-issues, nor did I care.  I was watching these movies and shows and didn’t know or care that they were from the 1960s and earlier.  I suppose the black-and-white Universal films were a giveaway, but again, I loved them too much to care.  When Jaws came out, I was 9 years old and my parents didn’t let me see it.

Addar Jaws Super Scene in a Bottle Ad

I remember the first time I saw this model kit on the shelf and I knew I had to have it.  Admittedly, the shark didn’t really live up to the movie in size or fear-factor, but at the time, the diorama nature of the scene within the bottle was the coolest thing I had seen in a long time.  It was also new, and because it was form a movie that was off limits, it was even more desirable to me — forbidden fruit, if you will.

Addar ‘Final Battle’ Model Kit (1975)

Addar Jaws Model Kit Final Battle 1975

Adder model kit #270 was based on the final showdown between Brody and the shark, but the shark is facing away from Brody.

Jaws Addar Model Kit Open

Whatever the design reasons for this kit, it is quite rare mint-in-box.  I grabbed the picture above from a recent listing on eBay for $325. There are several current eBay auctions

Never built this kid as a kid, and I don’t know why — the box art is more like the movie shark and I remember it vividly.  I’d love to have this in my collection now – though of course I’d leave it sealed in the box sitting on my shelf at the price these sell for nowadays!

Next, we’ll dive into modern Jaws collectibles.

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