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Classic Monster Trading Cards: Topps Marvel Monster Stickers

Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker Sets Included The Marvel Monsters

Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker set box

Released by the Topps Company in 1975 and 1976, these stickers showcase just how much monsters were in the mix at the House of Ideas. Marvel Comics was in a golden era of creativity and had their own legion of monsters, grounded in the Universal Monsters archetypes but firmly planted in the Marvel Universe, alongside their own macabre creations. So it’s no surprise that when Topps released sticker sets titled Comic Book Stickers featuring characters from Marvel Comics, that monsters were in the mix.

Comic Book Heroes 1975

The 1975 set was just called “Comic Book Heroes Stickers”; it wasn’t until 1976 that the mighty Marvel brand got its name on the pack as “Marvel Super Hero Stickers”.Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker Checklist 1975 Fantastic Four Puzzle

Topps Comic Book Heroes Dracula Sticker 1975

Topps Marvel Sticker Dracula 1975

Topps Marvel Sticker 1975 Frankensteins Monster

Topps Marvel Sticker Ghost Rider 1975

Topps Marvel Living Mummy Sticker

Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker Man-Thing 1975

Topps Marvel Sticker Morbius 1975

Topps Marvel Son of Satan Sticker 1975

Topps Marvel Werewolf by Night Sticker 1975


Marvel Super Hero Stickers – 1976

While not nearly as monster-focused as the 1975 series, the 1976 Marvel Super Heroes stickers included the addition of Blade and repeat performances by Dracula and Son of Satan.  The checklist included in each pack also assembled into a large puzzle of Conan the Barbarian.

Topps Marvel Super Heroes sticker checklist Conan puzzle 1976

Topps Marvel Stickers Blade 1976

Topps Marvel Dracula Sticker

Topps Marvel Stickers Son of Satan 1976

Collector Notes:

These stickers are easy to find individually, so it’s not unrealistic to set a goal of collecting a complete set. For completists, there are further variations of the stickers than shown above. Card backs can be found in both tan and white. Tan backs are believed to come from a test run. Some cards can also be found with subtle differences in the copyright info.

A quick scan of current eBay listings comes up with empty wrappers, individual stickers ranging from $3-$10 based on condition, sticker lots, a sealed sticker set for $50 and an display boxes ranging from $100 (empty) to $500 (full).

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