Classic Monster Magazines

 Classic Monster Magazines Every few weeks, I will go in-depth on a classic monster magazine from my personal collection. We’ll kick this new series off with one of one my favorite comic book monsters, the Man Thing … Monsters Unleashed #5 Marvel Comics Group, April 1974 Fantastic Cover by Bob Larkin Printed on the interior of both … Continue reading Classic Monster Magazines

(Video) Monsterama Episode 16 – Godzilla Collectibles

The King of the Monster Collectibles Toho Studios gave us the King of the Monsters in 1954 and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  While the monster’s character has evolved and morphed as many times as the monster suit, Godzilla remains an incredibly popular as evidenced by the commercial success of the Legendary Pictures … Continue reading (Video) Monsterama Episode 16 – Godzilla Collectibles

Jaws Collectibles & Movie Memorabilia

Jaws Collectibles and Movie Memorabilia   Last week, I profiled the classic art of the Jaws original movie poster one-sheet and it got me thinking about other collectible for this iconic movie. I was too young to see Jaws at the theater, but I wasn’t too young to have all kinds of Jaws merchandise.  The movie that … Continue reading Jaws Collectibles & Movie Memorabilia