Scholastic Books ‘Movie Monsters’ Changed My Life

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Jaws Collectibles – Modern Movie Memorabilia

Jaws Collectibles We wrap our series on Jaws collectibles with a look at more recent and current movie memorabilia.  Many collectors don’t simply focus on vintage and antique, but rather on a film or character and there are many companies producing high quality merchandise from classic characters.  Jaws is no exception and the 40th Anniversary … Continue reading Jaws Collectibles – Modern Movie Memorabilia

Classic Monster Magazines

 Classic Monster Magazines Every few weeks, I will go in-depth on a classic monster magazine from my personal collection. We’ll kick this new series off with one of one my favorite comic book monsters, the Man Thing … Monsters Unleashed #5 Marvel Comics Group, April 1974 Fantastic Cover by Bob Larkin Printed on the interior of both … Continue reading Classic Monster Magazines


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Classic Movie Posters Gallery – Dracula’s Daughter

Classic Movie Poster Gallery

Welcome to my new series focused on collecting vintage movie posters. Film posters are one of the most interesting collectible category to me personally as they are truly works of pop art and, in many cases, better than the films themselves!

Every week, I’ll feature a classic movie poster from a vintage horror, retro science fiction or classic fantasy movie. You’ll see the most iconic posters as well as the forgotten and bizarre from throughout the history of movies.


So without further ado, I give you Dracula’s Daughter (click to image enlarge)

Dracula's Daughter RealArt One Sheet 1949
Dracula’s Daughter (Realart, R-1949). One Sheet (27″ X 41″).

Gloria Holden “Gives you that weird feeling,” as she peers out hungrily from behind the blood and bat laden title on this fabulous one sheet.  This is the one sheet for the 1949 re-release of this classic picture and it has an over-the-top pop art sensibility that appeals to the comic book fan in me.  Plus, what’s not to love about the tag line, “She gives you that Weird Feeling.”  I can just imagine the 13 year boys in 1949 seeing this poster and having all kind of weird feelings, which is pretty much the only kind of feelings 13 year olds have.

Dracula’s Daughter was released this week in 1936 and is a direct sequel to Browning’s Dracula.  The success of Bride of Frankenstein led Universal to green light this sequel and, while not as well known as other classic monster equals, is a favorite of mine.

I Found a framed giclee print  for $9.95 @ Etsy



Top Websites for Classic Monster Collectibles

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My 2015 Rondo Classic Horror Awards Ballot

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Monster Kid Field Trips

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Collecting King Kong: Toys & Games

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