Top Websites for Classic Monster Collectibles

Finding Classic Monster Collectibles Online: For new collectors, finding classic monster collectibles online is a smart place to start.  Not only does the internet make it easy to search for and purchase collectibles, it is also an excellent way to determine current values and prices for collectibles. Having a good sense for what specific collectibles have recently … Continue reading Top Websites for Classic Monster Collectibles

My 2015 Rondo Classic Horror Awards Ballot

2015 Rondo Classic Horror Awards – my annual kick-in-the-pants Monster Kids spend a lot of time reminiscing about the bygone days of childhood.  The glorious 1960s and 70s are gone but not forgotten.  The 2015 Rondo Classic Horror Awards remind us that ‘classic’ doesn’t have to mean ‘vintage.’ We love our classic monsters, our retro … Continue reading My 2015 Rondo Classic Horror Awards Ballot

Monster Kid Field Trips

Join Us at Our Next Monster Kid Field trip: Saturday, March 11, 2017 Collecting Classic Monsters is teaming up with our Facebook Group, the Minnesota Monster Kid Society to attend Guillermo del Toro‘s At Home with Monsters exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Date: Saturday, March 11, Time: 1:00/ 1:15. AND ON THE SAME BILL! … Continue reading Monster Kid Field Trips

Collecting King Kong: Toys & Games

Collecting King Kong Toys & Games When it comes to classic monster toys, King Kong wasn’t a tier-one classic monster property. While the “unholy quintet” of Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, Wolf Man, the Creature and the Mummy win in terms of the pure quantity or toys and merchandise, Kong is certainly in the top 10 most licensed … Continue reading Collecting King Kong: Toys & Games

Monster Collector Resources

Monster Collector Resources On this page, I’ll link to websites, blogs and articles that I consider useful Classic Monster Collector Resources , or that I just plain love as a Monster Kid.   Collecting & Price Guides: Action Figure Authority Certified Guarantee Company Collectors-Action  Collectors Weekly Cool & Nostomania Auction Sites: … Continue reading Monster Collector Resources

Monster Kid Memories: The Library & the Giant Ape

           My First Monster Movie Begins                    A Lifelong Love Affair It was the summer of 1970.  Or maybe it was 1971.  I was 4, maybe 5, years old.  My little brother had just been born and my mom, like all parents of newborns with … Continue reading Monster Kid Memories: The Library & the Giant Ape

Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s Exhibit

Some of my Instagram shots from that day that will live in infamy for this Monster Kid: Aurora Frankenstein Monster model kit  Marx Plastic Monsters 1960s  Heroes and Villains  Aurora Model Kits – Batman, Wolf Man, Creature, Mummy and more Ben Cooper Wobbler Monsters  Mego Batman Action Figures  Mego Spider-Man