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Classic Monster Comics: Charlton Comics GORGO #1

Classic Monster Comics – Charlton Comics GORGO #1Gorgo #1 Charlton Comics 1960

GORGO, No. 1 (Charlton Comics, 1960)

Spewed up from the bottomless depths by a volcanic eruption that reached back 2,000,000 years in time to give the world one horrifying glimpse of a species we had thought extinct. Gorgo came forth, a thing of terror with mastic jaws, awesome fangs capable of crunching ships or tanks…as a dog does with a bone! Gorgo’s incredible strength was to paralyze the greatest city on earth..rout the mighty British Navy..and teach man once more that his own greed is his most terrible danger..and if unchecked could someday destroy him!

Gorgo #1 is a straight-froward adaptation of the 1960 MGM film of the same name and features the incredible artwork of Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange among others and one of the most influential comic book artists of all time.

The press book for the movie which was sent to theater owners reads;

“Magazine wholesalers will distribute this comic book movie edition across the country timed to the release of Gorgo. For extra profits arrange for its sale in your theater lobby at least ten days in advance of play date, and, of course, during the run of the film itself. Set off a prominent corner of the lobby for a table on which to display the books. In addition, contact local retail outlets for windows, store counter and newsstand displays, tie-in ads and other promotions. Do not overlook the magazine racks in drugstores and bookshops. These books suggest an outlet not usually seen – the book pages of your local paper. Run a small ad announcing your play date, tied in with the local distributor of the Gorgo publications” 

Pretty impressive promotion plan for a comic book based on a movie!

Here, in its entirety, is Charlton’s Gorgo #1! As always, click on the individual page to see a larger, more readable, scan :




Gorgo 1 Page 6


Gorgo 1 page 8

Gorgo 1 Page 9

Gorgo 1 Page 10

Gorgo 1 Page 11

Gorgo 1 Page 12

Gorgo 1 Page 13

Gorgo 1 Page 14

Gorgo 1 Page 15

Gorgo 1 page 16

Gorgo 1 Page 17

Gorgo 1 Page 18

Gorgo 1 Page 19

Gorgo 1 Page 20

Gorgo 1 Page 21

Gorgo 1 Page 22

Gorgo 1 Page 23














Gorgo 1 Page 35

Charlton Comics was not known for it’s high production values and, as a result, finding high grade copies of any of their early 1960s comics is not easy. As a result, this is not an inexpensive comic.  While Gorgo doesn’t hold the lasting popularity of that other Japanese giant amphibious reptile from the deep, the beautiful artwork by Ditko makes this a highly collectible comic.  Current price guide values list Near Mint copies of this comic at $200, though lower grade issues range more in the $45-$75 range.  All in all, not bad for a .10 cover.

At the time of this writing, there are no  current auctions on eBay  of Gorgo #1 though multiple copies of later Ditko- drawn issues are available.

For the complete Ditko run on this title, I recommend the highly informative and beautiful collection by Yoe Books titled Ditko Monsters: Gorgo! released in 2013 but still available on Amazon:
Share your thoughts with us below.  Anyone have this book or remember it from your childhood?