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(Video) Monsterama Episode 17 – Don Post Calendar Masks

This Singularly Unique Promotional Item Captures the Essence of Monster Kid-dom


Since it’s Halloween week, and Daylight Savings is this weekend, we’re falling forward in our Monsterama series today to stay on the subject of Don Post Studios, the legendary monster mask maker that filled our young lives with desire and lit our imaginations.

This episode focuses on a unique promotional item the studio released in 1966 and the corresponding line of masks.  Yes, it’s the Don Post Monster Calendar and the Don Post “calendar masks” as they’ve become known:


Collecting Don Post Calendar Masks


There’s a surprising number of the calendars available on eBay as of this writing.  For a 50 year old piece of ephemera, several of them look to be in quality condition.  The prices are all over the board, but at least one listing for a high-grade calendar is less than $50.

Click here to see current eBay listings for the Don Post Mask Calendar as well as masks from the calendar collection.