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Classic Monster Trading Cards: Topps Marvel Monster Stickers

Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker Sets Included The Marvel Monsters

Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker set box

Released by the Topps Company in 1975 and 1976, these stickers showcase just how much monsters were in the mix at the House of Ideas. Marvel Comics was in a golden era of creativity and had their own legion of monsters, grounded in the Universal Monsters archetypes but firmly planted in the Marvel Universe, alongside their own macabre creations. So it’s no surprise that when Topps released sticker sets titled Comic Book Stickers featuring characters from Marvel Comics, that monsters were in the mix.

Comic Book Heroes 1975

The 1975 set was just called “Comic Book Heroes Stickers”; it wasn’t until 1976 that the mighty Marvel brand got its name on the pack as “Marvel Super Hero Stickers”.Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker Checklist 1975 Fantastic Four Puzzle

Topps Comic Book Heroes Dracula Sticker 1975

Topps Marvel Sticker Dracula 1975

Topps Marvel Sticker 1975 Frankensteins Monster

Topps Marvel Sticker Ghost Rider 1975

Topps Marvel Living Mummy Sticker

Topps Comic Book Heroes Sticker Man-Thing 1975

Topps Marvel Sticker Morbius 1975

Topps Marvel Son of Satan Sticker 1975

Topps Marvel Werewolf by Night Sticker 1975


Marvel Super Hero Stickers – 1976

While not nearly as monster-focused as the 1975 series, the 1976 Marvel Super Heroes stickers included the addition of Blade and repeat performances by Dracula and Son of Satan.  The checklist included in each pack also assembled into a large puzzle of Conan the Barbarian.

Topps Marvel Super Heroes sticker checklist Conan puzzle 1976

Topps Marvel Stickers Blade 1976

Topps Marvel Dracula Sticker

Topps Marvel Stickers Son of Satan 1976

Collector Notes:

These stickers are easy to find individually, so it’s not unrealistic to set a goal of collecting a complete set. For completists, there are further variations of the stickers than shown above. Card backs can be found in both tan and white. Tan backs are believed to come from a test run. Some cards can also be found with subtle differences in the copyright info.

A quick scan of current eBay listings comes up with empty wrappers, individual stickers ranging from $3-$10 based on condition, sticker lots, a sealed sticker set for $50 and an display boxes ranging from $100 (empty) to $500 (full).

Collector Resources

Visit these sites for great information on collecting vintage bubblegum cards:

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Marvel Monsters: Power Records Curse of the Werewolf

The Action COMES ALIVE As You Read!Curse of Werewolf Power Records Cover

For 1970s kids, there were few combinations as powerful as Marvel Comics and Power Records.  Known for their book and record combo sets, Power combined the graphic awesomeness of comic books with the imagination-stirring storytelling of narrative records.

Popular with collectors of all stripes, we’ll focus on Power’s monster records in this series, beginning with the great Werewolf by Night in Curse of the Werewolf!

Listen to the full record here:

Produced by Herb Davidson and Charlotte Saunders and written by Roy and Jean Thomas and Gerry Conway, with interior art by Mike Ploog and cover art by Neal Adams and Tom Palmer.  Most of the story is reprinted  from Marvel Spotlight #2 but the last 8 pages are from a storyline that occurred in Werewolf by Night #15, where there was a crossover with Dracula, and included art by Gene Colan.

Power Records Curse of the Werewolf page 1

Power Records Curse of the Werewolf Page 2

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 3

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 4

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 5

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 6

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 7

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 8

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 9

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 10

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 11

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 12

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 13Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 17

Power records Curse of Werewolf page 19

Power Records Curse of Werewolf page 20
Power Records Curse of Werewolf record
Power Records Marvel Monster series

Collectors Resources

If you’re like me and like to collect higher grade items, then expect to pay around $35-50 for a VF/NM vinyl/sleeve combo of this 1974 book and record combo.

Of course, online shoppers can track down copies in the usual places:





Classic Monster Comics – Marvel Premiere 28

Classic Monster Comics

Marvel Premiere #28

MARVEL PREMIERE Legion of Monsters Comic 1975

The Legion of Monsters (Marvel Comics Group,  February 1975)

Action in the Mysterious Marvel Manner!

  • Written by Bill Mantlo
  • Drawn by Frank Robbins
  • Inked by Steve Gan
  • Lettered by Karen Mantlo
  • Colored by Janice Cohen

The Most Spine-Tingling Team-up of All!

  • Once Ted Sallis, now The Man-Thing
  • Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider
  • Morbius the Living Vampire
  • Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night

Marvel Premiere #28 interior splash page


Marvel Premiere #28 Interior Title Page


Marvel Premiere #28 interior page 7


Marvel Premiere #28 interior page 11


Marvel Premiere 28 interior page 15


Marvel Premiere 28 interior page 17


Marvel Premiere 28 interior page 30


Marvel Premiere 28 interior page 31

About Marvel Premiere #28

In its nearly decade-long run (1972- 1981), Marvel Premiere served as a proving ground for a host of new characters. Iron Fist, Woodgod, Caleb Hammer, and many others made first appearances in Marvel Premiere. Other characters, like the Falcon and Jack of Hearts were featured here in their first solo stories. And yes, Marvel Premiere was also the venue at which Alice Cooper made his first comic book appearance.

Marvel Premiere #28 is a classic monster comics lovers delight as it combined many of the Marvel Monsters into a super-team of sorts – Ghost Rider, Morbius, The Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night all had solo comic titles at the time and since team-ups were all the rage in super hero titles, it only made sense to capitalize on that with a monster team-up and Marvel Premiere was designed to test new concepts.  The Legion of Monsters only made one appearance in Marvel Premiere and didn’t spin off into their own title.

in the early 1970s, Marvel had been publishing multiple black-and-white horror anthology monster comics in the magazine format under its Curtis Magazine imprint as a means of bypassing the Comic Code Authority but they had canceled most of those titles by 1975 to focus more on super hero, action and science fiction genres.  Following the Marvel Premiere issue, Curtis launched a stand-alond magazine titled Legion of Monsters  in an effort to consolidate all their classic monsters comics titles into one magazine.  The new line up was more horror-based (Ghost Rider was out; Manphibian and the Living Mummy were in) but unfortunately only one issue was ever published.

Read more about the Legion of Monsters on Marvel Comics Wikia.

Collector Value:

NM grade copies of this book are valued at $30.  My personal copy, which you see in the scans in this post, is in Fine condition and worth around $7.

Click here for current eBay listings for this comic